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Fritz Mueller - multimedia concept artist, composer, songwriter, musician, singer, bandleader


Fritz Mueller is one of the most innovative musicians of the German Rock Scene. Born 1945 as Eberhard Kranemann in Germany, he studied the classical double bass at the Dortmund Conservatory, played Bach / Mozart / Telemann - orchestra music and played in some Jazz bands. Then he went to Duesseldorf  to study painting at the Arts Academy. Beside experimenting with colours and painting abstract pictures he experimented with sounds, at first with cello, clarinet, tenorsaxophone, electric guitar, hawaii guitar, later with electronic instruments. Together with some other art students he founded the experimental music group

PISSOFF in 1967. Angry about the social development in Germany and the conservative behaviour round about , they destructed the rules of music. In concerts they played free improvised music nonstop for three hours. Everyone played as loud as possible - without harmony, correct notes, predominant structures and norms - and the people liked it.

Freedom pure. Chaos. Sound terror. JOSEPH BEUYS, art professor at the academy in Duesseldorf, liked it so much that he made a performance together with PISSOFF in the famous Duesseldorf  Creamcheese Club, Frank Zappa's favourite German club.

This was the time when Florian Schneider-Esleben heard this sound and joined the band.

He became a friend of Eberhard Kranemann. The two curious musicians made some more experiments with music, out of which KRAFTWERK was born. After four years of collaboration he began to work together with Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother in the band NEU!. Then he gave himself the stage name FRITZ MUELLER, worked as a solo artist in concerts and recorded at the conny plank studio in Wolperath, formed the FRITZ MUELLER BAND, toured for concerts in Germany, worked in conny's studio again, played in radio and television. The 1977 FRITZ MUELLER ROCK LP, co-produced by conny plank, is now, 2007, thirty years later, one of the most important documents of the GERMAN ROCK HISTORY, now called PSYCH HEAVY KRAUTROCK and KRAUTROCK KEY BAND.


-Eberhard Kranemann / FRITZ MUELLER is still working as an artist and musician-
-experimental music concerts / experimental art exhibitions and performances-  


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